Microsoft has been one of the leading IT companies for a long time. The giant from Redmond was founded in 1975. and has conquered the market with its famous software solutions. The most noteworthy of which are MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft office. Today, Microsoft is one of the leading companies in the field of cloud-based services, which enable a simple online usage of Microsoft's famous desktop, server, collaboration and development platforms.

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems was founded in the year 1984 and their initial product offering consisted of routers and their dedicated software. In time they expanded and their current offering includes servers, switches, routers and a variety of network equipment designed for enterprise use. Their portfolio is very thorough and is able to satisfy any kind of client.

Dell EMC

SYS Company d.o.o., the leading Dell EMC2 distributor has since February 2009. become the official distributor for DELL EMC2 for Bosnia and Herzegovina. With a familiar approach to distribution, SYS Company d.o.o. has been recognized as a partner which will ensure that the solutions and products made by Dell EMC2 find their place at the companies which take care of their data. As a world leader in development which provides technology and IT infrastructure solutions, Dell EMC2 enables its users to transform their competitive approach and create value from their data.


Honeywell is an American company founded in 1906. Honeywell has expanded and changed their product offering during their long existence. Currently, they offer various solutions for companies and regular consumers. Honeywell’s portfolio always follows modern standards which they’ve achieved through investment into R&D and through many acquisitions. Their aim is to improve productivity and safety in workplaces all over the world with the use of their technology.


Rittal is a company that was founded in the year 1961 as part of the Friedhelm Loh groupation. Rittal’s offering consists of server chassis’, power supply, climate control, IT infrastructure and software solutions for those products. Rittal’s products are world leaders in quality and flexibility towards different clients.

Infosec UPS

Infosec Communication SAS is a french company which has produced UPS devices and Surge Protectors for the last 25 years. The experience Infosec has collected during that period of time is applied today to provide their clients with a line of products that can fit their varied needs. SYS Company d.o.o. has partnered with Infosec since 2007 and is their certified distributor.