Microsoft has been one of the leading IT companies for a long time. The giant from Redmond was founded in 1975. and has conquered the market with its famous software solutions. The most noteworthy of which are MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft office. Today, Microsoft is one of the leading companies in the field of cloud-based services, which enable a simple online usage of Microsoft’s famous desktop, server, collaboration and development platforms.

SYS Company is an authorized Microsoft distributor and Large Account Reseller for Bosnia and Herzegovina with a rich experience in planning and designing solutions based on Microsoft technologies. Our expert staff is able to offer the best recommendations and options for licensing Microsoft products, whether it is a matter of on-premise or online solutions.


Mass licensing programs

If you’re encountering Microsoft’s mass licensing program for the first time, and you’re looking for the best solution for your business, the mass licensing program display might be able to help you. If you already own a Microsoft license, you can find out the details of your Software Assurance benefits and find out more about the possible ways of tracking your software’s newest updates.

Enterprise Agreement
Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is a mass licensing program designed for companies with more than 250 client work stations.

Open Value Subscription – OVS
The Open Value Subscription (OVS) program is a Microsoft licensing program which differs from other Microsoft wholesale licensing programs. It enables the company to standardize it’s day-to-day activities and subscribe to the newest versions of the software.

Open License – OLP
Microsoft Open license is a licensing program designed for corporate, state, charitable and academic organizations which order at least 5 licenses.


Cloud Based solutions and licenses

A short description of Microsoft’s cloud based services and their usage methods can be found on the following links:


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