Azure is an expandable sollution for providing infrastructural and platform services which contain whole network infrastructure, workload and applications. It’s designed to function as an independent Microsoft Cloud service but can also be configured to work in a hybrid regime, maintaining connections with installations via multiple unique sign-in technologies.

Azure caters to a multi-platform techonlogy package which can be directly created and modified in the Microsoft Cloud.

Why Azure?

Azure is designed to maximize your subscrption to the cloud by providing a permanent access to your key virtual machines inside Microsoft’s Data centers. Included is a collection of configuration tools which maximize your interaction with remote environments. Basically, your company can chose to lift the train of your whole infrastructure with Microsoft Cloud sollutions and use the in-built reliability of the included sollutions.

Azure includes a group of general out of the box sollutions and platforms which can be built via the Wizard, but you can also chose to upload your whole virtualized environment to it. In that case, you will keep your existing modifications and configurations by using the many redundant characteristics which Azure offers to ensure that your infrastructure is saved on the internet. The key benefit is that you have full control over your files while they are located on high availability infrastructures. This can lower your server room maintenance costs significantly.

Microsoft Azure is a Cloud paltform deisgned for building software-defined data centers and Microsoft concept Cloud services which are Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Azure is a „Pay as You Go“ service on which you can rent space and resources for the needs of your private, public or hybrid Cloud. You have access to a resource plan which you pay on a monthly basis, based on the ammount of rented virtual resources. You can rent a virtual machine (server) of a desired capacity, storage space which can even be geo co-located (on two continents) for higher crash resistance, chose the operating system, database, development tools, backup service or just rent space for website hosting. You only pay for what you are realistically using as an operating costs, without any consideration to hardware, network or security which are included as a service. You are only interested in the performances, which are covered by the SLA.


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